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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating WordArt Text

The WordArt feature lets you create stylized text to draw attention to your most important words. Most users apply WordArt to a word or a short phrase, such as Big Smiles. You should apply WordArt to a document sparingly. Its visual appeal and unique look requires uncluttered space. When you use WordArt, you can choose from a variety of text styles that come with the WordArt Quick Style gallery, or you can create your own using tools in the WordArt Styles group. To quickly see if you like a WordArt Quick Style, point to a thumbnail in the gallery to display a live preview of it in the selected text. If you like it, you can apply it. You can also use the free angle handle (pink diamond) inside the selected text box to adjust your WordArt text angle.

Insert WordArt Text

  • yellow-circle-01.jpg Click the Insert tab.
  • yellow-circle-02.jpg Click the WordArt button, and then click one of the WordArt styles.

    A WordArt text box appears on the document with selected placeholder text.

  • yellow-circle-03.jpg Type the text you want WordArt to use.

    • Drag a resize handle as needed to increase or decrease the size of the WordArt text box.
  • yellow-circle-04.jpg If applicable, use the Font and Paragraph options on the Home tab to modify the text you entered.
  • yellow-circle-05.jpg To edit WordArt text, click to place the insertion point where you want to edit, and then edit the text.
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