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Quick Launch Tool

Visual Studio 2012 introduces a new tool called Quick Launch. The purpose of this tool is making it easy to find commands, options, and recently opened files. The tool is available through a search box located at the upper right corner of the IDE. For example, imagine you need to launch the SQL Server Object Explorer window but do not remember where the command for launching such a window is and do not want to waste time browsing every menu. If you type “SQL” in the Quick Launch search box, Visual Studio will show all menu commands, options, and recently opened files (if any) containing the “SQL” word. As you can see from Figure 2.37 the SQL Server Object Explorer is the first search result, so you can simply click it to open the desired tool.

Figure 2.37

Figure 2.37. Finding commands and options with Quick Launch.

To understand how it works, repeat the search and select the SQL Server Tools -> General option from the list. You will see how Visual Studio will open the Options dialog box pointing to the requested setting. This is a useful tool that can save a lot of time in finding the necessary tools.

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