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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the Status Bar to Add Numbers

If you select several cells that contain numeric data and then look at the status bar, at the bottom of the Excel window, you can see that the status bar reports the average, count, and sum of the selected cells (see Figure 3.36).

Figure 3.36

Figure 3.36. The status bar shows the sum, average, and count of the selected cells.

If you need to quickly add the contents of several cells, you can select the cells and look for the total in the status bar. This feature has been in Excel for a decade, yet very few people realized it was there. In legacy versions of Excel, only the sum would appear, but you could right-click the sum to see other values, such as the average, count, minimum, and maximum.

You can customize which statistics are shown in the status bar. Right-click the status bar and choose any or all of Min, Max, Numerical Count, Count, Sum, and Average.

Note that the panel might show values for items that you have recently unselected. These figures will be wrong if the selection has changed.

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