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Automatically Transfer Documents Using iCloud

In addition to the iCloud compatibility built in to many of the core (preinstalled) apps that are included with iOS 6, a growing number of other apps also offer iCloud compatibility, and allow you to easily (and automatically) transfer or synchronize app-related documents and files.

This functionality is built in to Apple’s iWork apps for the iPhone and iPad, which include Pages (word processing), Numbers (spreadsheet management), and Keynote (for digital slide presentations). Be sure to upgrade your iWork for iOS apps to the latest versions for this functionality to work.

If you turn on iCloud functionality with Pages, Numbers, Keynote, or other compatible third-party apps, when you create or revise a document, that revision is stored on your iOS device and on iCloud. From iCloud, that same app running on your iOS device (or compatible software running on your primary computer) can access that most recent version of your files or documents within seconds.

So, if you’re working with the Pages word processor on your iPhone, your iPad, or the Mac, you always know that when you access a specific Pages document from any compatible device, you’re working with the most up-to-date version of that document. The synchronization process happens automatically and behind the scenes, assuming that your iOS devices and primary computer are connected to the Internet.

The processes for turning on iCloud functionality within compatible apps on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are almost identical. To begin, turn on the Documents & Data option from the iCloud menu within Settings. Then, to turn on the iCloud functionality in Pages on an iPad, for example, follow these steps:

  1. From your iOS device, launch Settings from the Home Screen.
  2. Scroll down on the main Settings menu until you find the listing of apps stored on your device (shown in Figure 6.6).
    Figure 6.6

    Figure 6.6. To control iCloud functionality for apps that don’t come preinstalled with iOS 6, scroll down to the specific app listings on the main Settings menu, and tap on the app of your choice, such as Pages (if applicable).

  3. Locate the listing for Pages (or the app of your choice) from the Settings menu and tap on it.
  4. When the Pages menu screen appears in Settings, tap on the virtual switch that’s associated with the Use iCloud option, and switch it to the on position. If you turn this feature to the off position, your documents are stored only on your iPad (in this example), and are not synchronized with other devices via iCloud, because the selected app will not access iCloud via the Internet.
  5. Exit Settings. From this point forward, your Pages documents automatically synchronize with iCloud when your iPad (in this example) has Internet access.
  6. Repeat this process for each iCloud-compatible app, on each of your iOS devices.
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