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Create a Photo Stream Using iCloud

In conjunction with iOS 6, Apple introduced two different types of Photo Streams that work with iCloud. The My Photo Stream option was originally introduced with iOS 5. It allows you to automatically share photos between your own computers and iOS mobile devices that are linked to the same iCloud account. Once set up, this sharing process happens automatically and in the background.

New to iOS 6 is the Shared Photo Streams feature. It works in conjunction with the Photos app (and optional iPhoto app). Shared Photo Streams provide an easy way for you to share an unlimited number of photos that are stored on your iOS mobile device with specific people who you select. This sharing is done using online galleries that are created using iCloud to showcase your selected images.

Using this feature, you can create as many separate Shared Photo Stream galleries as you’d like, add and remove photos from them at anytime, plus choose who is granted access to see and download those photos. From within the Photos app, for example, you could use the Share feature and select Mail, but this option only allows you to share up to five photos at a time with the intended recipients.

The Shared Photo Stream feature allows you to share as many photos as you’d like within each Shared Photo Stream gallery. Each gallery is stored online (via iCloud) and is given a unique URL. When you opt to share a Shared Photo Stream with other people, your iPhone, iPad or computer that you’re using to manage the Shared Photo Stream will send your intended audience for those photos an email which provides them with the special webpage address (URL) that’s associated with your Shared Photo Stream.

To learn more about the My Photo Stream and Shared Photo Stream features and how they work, be sure to read Chapter 11, “Shoot, Edit, and Share Photos and Videos.” However, like all iCloud-related features, on each of your iOS mobile devices and computers, the My Photo Stream and Shared Photo Streams features must be turned on separately. This is done by launching Settings, tapping on the iCloud option, and then turning on the virtual switch that’s associated with each Photo Stream option.

The Photo Stream and Shared Photo Stream feature is compatible with Apple TV, so you can view your favorite digital images on your HDTV at home or at work, as standalone images or as part of an animated slideshow.

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