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This chapter is from the book

The Rest

But wait! There’s more!

  • If you wanted to add support for the media enclosures that the Channel 9 feed provides, you can learn how to do that in Chapter 5, “Media.”
  • To add cool animation support as the user navigates between pages, read Chapter 6, “Drawing and Animation.”
  • For keeping track of the posts that users have previously read between sessions of the app or to let them choose which feeds they’d like to read, check out Chapter 7, “App State.”
  • To let users create posts tagged with their current GPS coordinates or to refresh the feed data when users shake their tablets, read Chapter 11, “Device Interaction.”
  • If you need to extend your Windows Store app with native code written in C++ to do something heavy-duty, like calculating the 10,000th digit of pi, you’ll want to dig into Chapter 12, “Native Extensibility.”
  • And finally, to learn how to deploy your app, handle trial mode, or stick advertisements at the bottom of each post, you’ll want to read Chapter 13, “Making Money.”
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