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Changing Keyboard and Voice Settings

The Galaxy Tab 2 7" comes with two keyboards activated by default: the Samsung keyboard and the Swype keyboard. The Galaxy Tab 2 10" gives you more input options: the Android keyboard, the Samsung keyboard, and the TalkBack keyboard, which enables you to use your voice to manipulate the Galaxy Tab 2.

The examples in this book use keyboard settings for the Samsung keyboard, which is the default keyboard the Galaxy Tab 2 uses when you type text, as well as built-in keyboard settings that apply to all keyboards.

  1. Tap the clock in the Notification bar.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll down the Settings list and then tap Language and Input.
  4. Because the default is the Samsung keyboard, tap the settings icon to the right of Samsung Keyboard.
  5. Tap Input Language if you want to change the default keyboard input language.
  6. Slide the Predictive Text slider to off (the slider turns from a green bar with an I to a gray bar with a O) if you don’t want the Galaxy Tab 2 to guess what you’re typing and provide you with suggestions for words so you don’t have to keep typing all the time. This is similar to the auto-complete feature in word processors.
  7. Tap Continuous Input to enter text by sliding the finger across the keyboard to type words. After you release your finger the word that the Galaxy Tab 2 thinks you’re trying to type appears on the screen.
  8. Tap Voice Input to use voice input instead of the keyboard.
  9. Tap Auto Capitalization to turn off auto-capitalization for words. By default, the Galaxy Tab 2 auto-capitalizes the first word in a sentence. If the Galaxy Tab 2 recognizes a punctuation mark and a space, the next letter is capitalized automatically unless you tap the Shift key to turn it off. (There are exceptions to this rule, such as when you type in the To box when you compose a new email message.) You can turn the feature back on by tapping Auto Capitalization.
  10. Tap Auto-Punctuate to automatically insert a full stop after a word by double-tapping the space bar.
  11. Tap Character Preview to display the character you’re typing on the keyboard in a box above the key for about a second after you tap the key.
  12. Tap Key-Tap Sound to have the Galaxy Tab 2 make a sound each time you press a key.
  13. Tap Tutorial to get a quick and easy tutorial about how to use the keyboard.
  14. If you change your mind after you make settings and decide you want the default settings instead, tap Reset Settings.
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