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Should a Task Become an Official Project?

Much of what will be discussed involves the organization of a department and/or special projects. Because most departments have normal day-to-day tasks they carry out, one critical management step is in determining when a normal task performed in the department should be treated like a project. Project tasks will appear to have a start and stop and be unique from the other things in the department. They can be special things like process or documentation development, facilities or organizational things, or training to help improve the department or staff. If something is a repetitive task, it is generally not a project. If something will be done once or is set apart from the normal tasks in the department, it might be a project. In some cases a unique task “project” will be big enough to have a project manager (which might be you). These are tasks big enough to be broken up into resource teams and be organized in big project-type steps. In any case, the manager needs to assess tasks and processes in the department to determine whether they are normal operations tasks or projects. This is a critical step in completing tasks as the manager needs to determine projects versus normal everyday processes.

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