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Create a Crosstab Report

Crosstab reports provide another perspective on the same data you see in the list report. You can use the Pivot option from the Change Layout menu or use the Pivot icon on the Standard toolbar to create a crosstab report, as shown in Figure 5.11. Notice in the figure that nested columns provide a wider perspective to the same data.

Figure 5.11

Figure 5.11. Create a Crosstab report via the Pivot option.

  1. Click the New icon on the Standard toolbar to create a new report.

    NOTE: This example uses GO Data Warehouse (query) package.

  2. Expand Retailers > locate Region.
  3. Click the Insert button.
  4. Ctrl+click Products > Product line, Product type.
  5. Ctrl+click Sales fact > Quantity and Revenue > click the Insert button.
  6. Click the Region column > click the Pivot (Creates a Crosstab) icon on the Standard toolbar.

    NOTE: The List report is now pivoted to a Crosstab report. The column you select when you choose Pivot becomes the column in the Crosstab. All measures are nested.

    To switch the values currently displayed as rows to columns and columns to rows for another perspective of the data, you can use this option, as shown in Figure 5.12

    Figure 5.12

    Figure 5.12. Swap rows and columns.

  7. Click the Swap Rows and Columns icon on the Standard toolbar.

    NOTE: The rows become columns and columns switch to rows. The measures remain at the intersection.

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