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Bluetooth FAQs

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Several lists of frequently asked questions, or FAQs, can be found on the subject of BluetoothTM wireless communication. Here, Brent A. Miller, an authority on this subject, offers his own Bluetooth FAQs.


Frequently asked questions, or FAQs, for short, are in common usage today. Many publications and Web sites include FAQs as a tool to quickly and conveniently provide information that many in the subject's audience find valuable. When the questions and answers in the FAQ list truly are those that many people want to know about, FAQs can provide a good introduction to a new subject.

Because of the great interest in BluetoothTM wireless technology, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has developed a FAQ list that can be found on its official Web site, http://www.bluetooth.com/. Other Bluetooth FAQ lists can be found on the Web sites of companies associated with the technology and in various publications about the technology.

Here I offer "Brent Miller's Bluetooth FAQ List," based on the questions that I most often receive in numerous press interviews and conference and corporate speaking engagements. Perhaps some of these topics overlap with those of FAQs found elsewhere; it stands to reason that others are often asked the same questions, so different FAQ lists about the same subject are likely to overlap. However, this is my original attempt to record FAQs and their answers based upon my own experience.

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