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DBMS Education

Organizations using DBMS technology must commit to ongoing technical education classes for DBAs, programmers, and system administrators. Provide a catalog of available courses covering all aspects of DBMS usage. At a minimum, the following courses should be made available:

  • DBMS Overview: a one-day management-level class that covers the basics of DBMS
  • Data Modeling and Database Design: a thorough course covering conceptual, logical, and physical database design techniques for DAs and DBAs
  • Database Administration: in-depth technical classes for DBAs, SAs, and systems programmers
  • Introduction to SQL: an introductory course on the basics of SQL for every DBMS user
  • Advanced SQL: an in-depth course on complex SQL development for DBAs and programmers
  • Database Programming: an in-depth course for application programmers and systems analysts that teaches students how to write programs that use the DBMS

Each of these courses should be available for each DBMS installed in your organization. Furthermore, provide training for any other database-related functionality and software such as proper use of database utilities, query and reporting tools, and DBA tools.

DBMS education can be delivered using a variety of methods, including instructor-led courses, computer-based training, Web-based training, and distance learning. Sources for DBMS education include DBMS vendors, ISVs, consultants (large and small, international and local), and training specialists (such as Themis and ProTech).

Finally, be sure to make the DBMS reference material available to every user. Most vendors offer their DBMS reference manuals in an online format using Adobe Acrobat files or Windows Help. Be sure that each user is given a copy of the manuals or that they are available in a central location to minimize the amount of time DBAs will have to spend answering simple questions that can be found in the DBMS documentation.

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