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Identity Theft Threats on the Road

Both business and vacation travelers regularly use their smartphones and other personal electronic devices in airports, at hotels, in coffee shops, and at other public venues where unsecured wireless networks (Wi-Fi) can pose a threat if you do not have proper security software or devices. Also your smartphone security could be breached by an identity thief using Bluetooth. When in public, if you are not using your Blue-tooth, turn it off.

Also, the FBI has warned the public about travelers connecting to the Internet in their hotel rooms having their computers infected with keystroke-logging malware when a pop-up appears notifying them of the necessity of updating commonly used software products.

Another common scam encountered by travelers is a telephone call to your room late at night from someone saying that he or she is the hotel desk clerk and that there is a problem with your credit card and that they need you to provide the number again to them over the phone.

Identity thieves are also finding hungry travelers a good target. Often identity thieves will put false advertising fliers for restaurant delivery services under hotel-room doors. When the unsuspecting travelers call the telephone number to order, they are asked for their credit card number, which, too often they give, not realizing that they have been scammed until no food arrives.

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