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Where To Now?

The XML economy is coming. What should you do about it? It depends on what business you're in.

Most small businesses are well advised to continue deploying the Internet but wait before joining the XML economy. This is still a time for pioneers and it is expensive to be a pioneer.

If you work for a larger corporation, plan your move in the XML economy now. It was not until the beginning of this year that I started systematically advising action. The market is maturing fast and now is the time to claim your stake.

As you plan your solution, remember the economic laws. The transparent market wins. You should resist vendors who try to lock into their proprietary solution. You may benefit in the short term but it will hurt your medium to long term developments.

If you are a software vendor and you sell to business users, make sure your application is ready for the XML economy. Also be open, remember that proprietary solutions will hurt you in the not so distant future.

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