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For Small Business Too

The involvement of all business, not matter how big or small is crucial to the development of a transparent market. Small businesses, although they seldom make the front page of magazines, are the bread and butter of the US and European economies. They provide the dynamism that the market needs as they develop new products, challenge established players and strive to grow or, more simply, are content to exploit a useful niche.

However, for small businesses to participate in any market, the price must be right: small business have small means. Fortunately, on the Internet, the price is right. Internet access is so cheap no businesses can afford not to have it.

Furthermore web sites rent for low monthly fees and good editors can turn anybody in a passable webmaster. Even building a fully-fledged online shop is cheap: most ISPs offer shopping carts at reasonable rates. And for those who prefer to join an established mall, there's Amazon's zShops and similar offerings from Yahoo! and Lycos.

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