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Using the Traditional Control Panel

Even more configuration settings are found in the Windows Control Panel. The Control Panel is a holdover from older versions of Windows, but it’s still a good way to access various system settings—even if most of those settings duplicate those found on Windows 8’s PC Settings page.

To open the Control Panel, follow these steps:

  1. From the Start screen, click or tap the Desktop tile to open the traditional Windows desktop.
  2. Display the Charms Bar and click or tap Settings to display the Settings panel.
  3. Click or tap Control Panel.

Figure 5.13 shows the Windows 8 Control Panel, which runs on the traditional Windows desktop. You can click a major category, such as System and Security or Network and Internet, to access related configuration settings. Or you can click or tap one of the key settings under a major heading to go directly to that setting.

Figure 5.13

Figure 5.13. The Windows 8 Control Panel.

After you click or tap through the various links, you eventually end up with a specific configuration utility displayed onscreen. Each type of configuration setting uses a different utility; you might see a full-fledged window full of controls, or a smaller dialog box with a few options to check. Whatever you see onscreen, select the options you want and then click OK to apply the settings you’ve selected.

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