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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Syncing with iCloud

Reminders and Notes can be used as standalone apps on your Mac. However, activating iCloud functionality in conjunction with these apps serves two main purposes. A backup of all your data is automatically stored (safely) in the cloud. Plus, your app-specific data can then be automatically synced with the other Macs and iDevices linked to the same iCloud account.

To set up Reminders/Notes to sync with iCloud, launch System Preferences and select iCloud. From the iCloud window, make sure your Mac is currently linked with your iCloud account, and then select the Calendars and Reminders option on the right side of the window to turn on iCloud functionality in conjunction with the Reminders app. (In the future, Reminders may be given its own check box within the iCloud window.)

To activate iCloud functionality for Notes, check the Notes check box on the right side of the iCloud window (shown in Figure 6.14).

Figure 6.14

Figure 6.14. Set up the Notes app to sync app-specific data with iCloud from within System Preferences.

Once you exit out of System Preferences, the Reminders/Notes apps will sync your app-specific data with iCloud automatically and in the background, as long as your computer is connected to the Internet. As you make changes to any list or items within a list when using Reminders or alter any notes using the Notes app, those updates are reflected online (and synced with your other Macs and iDevices) almost instantly.

Figure 6.15

Figure 6.15. From System Preferences, you can set up Reminders and Notes to sync your app-specific data with Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo!, or your Google accounts.

Because your Reminders app-specific data syncs and updates in real-time with other Macs and iDevices via iCloud, your spouse can create or update a list on your Mac at home, and the updated information will appear on your iPhone or iPad almost instantly, wherever you happen to be.

So, if you’re working from a shopping list created using Reminders, and you’re at the grocery store, your spouse at home can add items to the list in real time, as long as the computer or mobile device he or she is using is linked to your iCloud account. On your iOS device, items will be displayed in the order they’re added.

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