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Third-Party Plug-ins

Figure 5.6 depicts the relationship between third-party plug-ins, NMP, and PSA.

Figure 5.6

Figure 5.6. Third-party plug-ins

Because PSA is a modular architecture, VMware provided APIs to its storage partners to develop their own plug-ins. These plug-ins can be SATPs, PSPs, or MPPs.

Third-party SATPs and PSPs can run side by side with VMware-provided SATPs and PSPs.

The third-party SATPs and PSPs providers can implement their own proprietary functions relevant to each plug-in that are specific to their storage arrays. Some partners implement only multipathing and failover algorithms, whereas others implement load balancing and I/O optimization as well.

Examples of such plug-ins in vSphere 4.x that are also planned for vSphere 5 are

  • DELL_PSP_EQL_ROUTED—Dell EqualLogic PSP that provides the following enhancements:
    • Automatic connection management
    • Automatic load balancing across multiple active paths
    • Increased bandwidth
    • Reduced network latency
  • HTI_SATP_HDLM—Hitachi ported their HDLM MPIO (Multipathing I/O) management software to an SATP. It is currently certified for vSphere 4.1 with most of the USP family of arrays from Hitachi and HDS. A version is planned for vSphere 5 as well for the same set of arrays. Check with VMware HCL for the current list of certified arrays for vSphere 5 with this plug-in.

See Chapter 8 for further details.

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