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Marketing Your Brand

Marketing tactics and advertising as a whole has evolved a long way since the era of Don Draper and the boys at Mad Men. True, some aspects will never change, but the ferocity of your viral reach has added a few feet to its wingspan.

Today, it’s probably safe to assume that your business already prescribes to social media theory. The key, in conjunction with having a stern understanding of your business, is understanding the evolutionary arc of social media.

Since the beginning of social media’s existence, the future has been largely unknown. Facebook, which was once a digital hangout for college students, turned into a haven for Business to Customer (B2C) companies to contact customers directly. Much in the same manner as America Online provided one of the first opportunities for people to reach out and talk with others digitally, social media has taken a step to provide personality to the process.

From ham radios to Skype, people consistently yearn for progressive communication. Obviously, the former was of poor quality in comparison to what we have now, but do you remember the days of AOL? This sky-rocketed the concept of contacting people you didn’t know.

This type of brand reach didn’t go unnoticed, and B2B companies soon became privy to the advantages of directly contacting customers in a stress-free environment. Marketers have since taken this concept and applied it toward many of the aspects needed to gain exposure.

Whether you are B2B or B2C, there is much to be gained from social media. In the same regard, Pinterest can offer both industries a platform to reach out toward potential customers. Hopefully, you will have a better grasp of social media fundamentals and how they apply to your business.

Discovering where you stand in the social media world pays dividends in the long run. Perhaps it is the sort of thing that your company should have done a long time ago. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate how your brand operates on social media.

Pinterest enables you to create the way your brand plays in the social media zoo—constantly evolving. In the same way, as you see what works and what doesn’t on Pinterest, go back and review how your brand operates.

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