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From the author of Managing Events

Managing Events

After you create an event, you can view its page to keep up to date with event happenings. Invited guests can also view and interact with an event page.

To view the page for a specific event you created, click the Events icon on the Google+ ribbon. You’ll notice that the Events page has changed since the first time you viewed it (see Figure 4). Your events are now listed on the page and new links display on the right side, enabling you to plan a hangout, find more events, view your Google calendar, and learn more about Party Mode.

Figure 4 Your new event displays on the Events page.

Click the title of an event whose detail page you want to view (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 Each event on Google+ has its own page.

Here, you can:

  • Click the Add Photos button to add photos taken at this event. See “Sharing Event Photos” later in this article for more information.
  • Click the Share Event button to share this event with other Google+ users.
  • Click the Actions button to display a menu of event actions. If you created this event, your choices include modifying event options, managing the guest list, disabling comments, viewing or removing your event photos, editing the event, or deleting the event. If you’re a guest, your choices include viewing or removing your event photos, reporting event abuse, or blocking the event owner from sending them future invitations.
  • View a list of potential guests and their responses (Yes, No, or Maybe).
  • Add and view comments about this event.
  • Click the Invite More People button to expand your guest list.
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