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2.5. Project Execution Results

Figure 2.1 illustrates the staffing profile for the execution of MyProj. Here we see the loading of resources over the lifetime of the project and the levels of effort for each development phase. MyProj was completed within a few weeks of schedule (1 year elapsed time) with a peak effort of almost 300 staff days per month and a total investment of almost 2,800 staff days from inception to delivery of the enterprise software.

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.1. The resource profile for the MyProj project

The profile depicted in Figure 2.1 is typical of many projects (both within MyCo and elsewhere), with a characteristic peak loading of effort late in the development phase as unit test efforts give way to integration and system testing. Often in this phase of the project, the majority of the more complex bugs are found, usually as a consequence of misunderstandings in requirements, architectural weaknesses, and failures in communication across the team. Throughout the testing phase, this high level of staffing is maintained to address these concerns, correct errors, and bring the resulting system to a deliverable state. In this regard, MyProj displays many aspects typical of such projects. For this analysis I do not explicitly address some of the issues concerning postdeployment costs; instead, I simply note that this high level of staffing continues through the first weeks of deployment due to the large number of late fixes and changes in the system.

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