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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Modifying Buttons

Buttons are used to execute an action. Form buttons are generally used to submit form data to the server or to reset the form. Standard form buttons are typically labeled Submit, Reset, or Send. In addition to the standard form buttons, you can assign other processing tasks that you’ve defined in a script or behavior to create a custom button. After you create a button, you can use the Properties panel to set or change options for the form objects.

Work with Button Properties

  • green_1.jpg Select a button field within a form document.
  • green_2.jpg Open the Properties panel.
  • green_3.jpg Select from the following button options:
    • Label. Use to add a label next to a text field, check box, or radio button option. Click next to the object, and then type the label.
    • Value. Enter the name of the button (appears directly on the button).
    • Action. Determines what happens when the button is clicked.
      • Submit Form. Select to submit the form data for processing when the button is clicked.
      • Reset Form. Select to clear the contents of the form when the button is clicked.
      • None. Select if you want to add a JavaScript behavior for the button.
    • Class. Click to apply CSS rules to the object directly or through a CSS Style Sheet.
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