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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Modifying Lists and Menus

Lists and menus perform similar tasks; each allows you to select an item from a list of related items. However, there are some differences. A list allows you to scroll through the items as well as select multiple items, while a menu doesn’t. When you select an item from a list or menu, you can execute an action using a script or behavior. After you create a list or menu, you can use the Properties panel to set or change options for the form objects.

Work with List/Menu Properties

  • green_1.jpg Select a list/menu field within a form document.
  • green_2.jpg Open the Properties panel.
  • green_3.jpg Select from the following list/menu options:
    • List/Menu. Enter a unique name for the menu.
    • Menu. Select to have the menu drop down when clicked.
    • List. Select to display a scrollable list of items when clicked.
    • Height. Enter a value to determine the number of items displayed in the menu (List type only).
    • Selections. Select to allow the user to select multiple items from the list (List type only).
    • List Values. Click to add items to the menu.
    • Class. Click to apply CSS rules to the object directly or through a CSS Style Sheet.
    • Initially Selected. Select from the available items to make the item initially selected when the browser loads the form.
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