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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Modifying Radio Buttons and Check Boxes

Radio buttons and check boxes allow you to create options for users to select. A radio button allows a user to select only one choice from a set of options, while a check box allows a user to select more than one option from a set of options. Radio buttons are typically used in groups. Both form objects are very often used when you want to create a survey. After you create a radio button or check box, you can use the Properties panel to set or change options for the form objects.

Work with Radio Button and Checkbox Properties

  • green_1.jpg Select a radio button or checkbox within a form document.
  • green_2.jpg Open the Properties panel.
  • green_3.jpg Select from the following radio button options:
    • Radio Button/Checkbox. Enter a name for the Radio Button or Checkbox object.
    • Checked Value. Enter in a value to be sent to the server when the button is selected. For example, male or female.
    • Initial State. Select whether to have the button selected or not when the form first loads.
    • Class. Click to apply CSS rules to the object directly or through a CSS Style Sheet.
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