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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Inserting Form Objects

After you create a form, you can starting inserting form objects. Form objects are the individual elements—such as text field, text area, button, check box, radio button, or menu—that make up the form and visitors fill out. The form objects allow you to create a form that makes it easy for visitors to use, yet still provide you with the important information you need. Each form object is designed to gather a specific type of information. For example, if you have a list of categories and you can select more than one category, you should use the check box form object. If you can only select one category, you should use the radio button form object instead.

Insert Form Objects

  • green_1.jpg Open a page that contains a form, or create a new document and insert a form.
  • green_2.jpg Click to place the insertion point to where you want to insert a form object.
  • green_3.jpg Click the Forms tab on the Insert panel, or click the Insert menu, point to Form, and then select from the following commonly used form objects:
    • Text Field. Select to create a text field that consists of one line or multiple lines. In addition, text fields are used to create a password field that hides the text the user enters.
    • Text Area. Select to create a large text area that is commonly used by a visitor to enter large amounts of data; for example, a comment field.
    • Button. Select to create a button object. Buttons are used to submit form data to the server or to reset the form. Standard form buttons are typically labeled Submit, Reset, or Send. You can also assign other processing tasks that you’ve defined in a script.
    • Checkbox. Select to let users select more than one option from a set of options.
    • Radio Button. Select to let users select only one choice from a set of options. Radio buttons are typically used in groups.
    • List/Menu. Select to let users select one or more items from a list.
  • green_4.jpg In the Input Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box, specify the following options:
    • ID. Enter a unique ID for the form object.
    • Label. Enter a label for the form object.
    • Style. Select a style for the form object.
    • Position. Select a position for the label in relation to the form object.
    • Access Key. Enter a keyboard equivalent (single letter) in the Access Key text box. For example, if you entered the letter N into the field, pressing Alt+N (Win) or Control+N (Mac) in the browser automatically selects that field.
    • Tab Index. Enter a numerical value for the tab order of the form object in the Tab Index text box. For example, if you entered the number 3 into the field, pressing the tab key three times would cause the field to be selected.
  • green_5.jpg Click OK.
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