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Working with Assistant

Assistant lets you see several files in the same pane of the window, and it can take advantage of the fact that Xcode keeps track of the relationships among files that you have already seen in the related items menu. As soon as you think about displaying several files in the same pane, the question arises as to how to display them. Xcode gives you a variety of choices, as shown in Figure 1.22.

Figure 1.22

Figure 1.22 Control the layout of assistant panes.

Experiment with the various layouts. Most people switch back and forth among them, depending on the size of their display and the files that they are working with. Sometimes, you are dealing with short lines of code that look good side-by-side, but in other cases, you have large chunks of code that need the width of your computer display.

Once you are using an assistant, you might be able to open additional panes in the assistant. Figure 1.23 shows two panes displayed, one above the other. When you have several panes in the assistant window, each has its own jump bar.

Also, note that small widget at the right of a jump bar let you close that pane or add another pane.

Figure 1.23

Figure 1.23 You can open additional assistant panes.

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