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Using the Organizer Window

The companion to the Xcode workspace window is the Organizer window, shown in Figure 1.42.

Figure 1.42

Figure 1.42 The Organizer window keeps track of files in repositories and archives, projects, devices, and documentation.

The five tabs at the top let you switch from one view to another:

  • Devices—Primarily for iOS, this is a list of devices you have provisioned through Apple’s developer program. This process is described on developer.apple.com. It is the process whereby you present your developer credentials to Apple and receive a digitally signed signature that lets your app run on specific devices that are listed here.
  • Repositories—Xcode supports industry-standards Git and Subversion as source code repositories for version control. Both are widely used open-source projects. Xcode puts a graphical user interface onto them. The functionality of both is the same in Xcode as it is in other environments.
  • Projects—This tab lets you organize snapshots of your project created while working on your project. You can create them manually from File, Create Snapshot, but it is easier to have Xcode create them automatically at critical moments. As you can see in Figure 1.43, you can use File, Project Settings and the Snapshots tab in your workspace window to turn on these automatic snapshots and set the locations for their storage. (You can also set these locations in the Locations tab of Xcode preferences.) Snapshots require Git to be installed. (That is an option in the Xcode 4 install.)
    Figure 1.43

    Figure 1.43 Use snapshot at critical moments in restructuring your project.

  • Archives—Archives can be used to create installable archives of your app for deployment. There is more information at developer.apple.com.
  • Documentation—For many people, the most commonly used tab is for documentation. When you click on a link in Quick Help, the detailed documentation opens in the documentation tab of the Organizer window. You can use the jump bar at the top of the Organizer to select the appropriate area in which to search for your topic.
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