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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Viewing and Managing Your Photos

No matter if you have snapped pictures using your Galaxy Nexus or have synchronized photos from a computer, you can use the Gallery application to manage, edit, and share your photos.

Navigating the Gallery

  1. Touch to launch the Gallery application.
  2. Touch a thumbnail photo to open an album.
  3. Touch to reorder the way the photos are displayed. Instead of displaying them by the album they are in, you can display photos grouped by locations, times, people, and tags.
  4. Swipe left and right to see all photo albums.
  5. Touch to launch the Camera app.
  6. Touch the photos labeled as Camera to see pictures taken on your Galaxy Nexus.
  7. Touch the Menu button to see Gallery app actions.
  8. Touch to choose which photos are available offline. See more about moving photos offline later in this chapter.
  9. Touch to manually refresh the Gallery view. This is helpful to update the view after very recently uploading photos to Google from your computer.
  10. Touch to change the Gallery app settings.

Deleting Photo Albums

You can delete one or many photo albums, but only if they were created on your Galaxy Nexus. Albums created on your desktop computer that you can also see on your Galaxy Nexus cannot be deleted.

  1. Touch and hold a photo album.
  2. Touch to select additional albums if you want to.
  3. Touch the Menu button.
  4. Touch Delete.

Open a Photo Album

After you open a photo album, you can manage the photos in it, edit them, and share them.

  1. Touch an album to see all pictures in it.
  2. Touch to see a slide show of all the photos in the album.
  3. Touch the Menu button and then Group By to group the photos by location, time, people, and tags.
  4. Touch a photo to view it.
  5. Touch to return to the main Gallery app screen.

Reviewing and Sharing Pictures

After you open a photo you can review it and share it with your friends.

  1. Double-tap the picture to zoom in to the maximum zoom level. Double-tap again to zoom all the way back to 100%.
  2. Use the pinch gesture to have a more controlled zoom in and zoom out.
  3. Scroll left and right to see all the photos in the album.
  4. Touch to share the picture with friends using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Email, Google+, Picasa (Google Photos), and Bluetooth.
  5. Touch to return to the album view.

Editing Pictures

You can edit a picture by adding special effects to it, enhancing it, or cropping it.

  1. Touch the Menu button.
  2. Touch Edit.
  3. Touch to change the picture contrast.
  4. Touch to apply special effects to the photo, such as making it look like you used a fisheye lens when you took the picture, adding film graininess, and others.
  5. Touch to change the color of the photo, including making it black and white.
  6. Touch to crop the photo and do extra editing functions like flipping and rotating the photo.
  7. Touch to undo changes you have made to a photo one-by-one. If you have made multiple changes, you can repeatedly touch the Undo icon until you have removed all changes.
  8. Touch to redo a change that you have undone.
  9. Touch to save your edited photo. Edited photos are placed in a new album called Edited so that the original photo remains intact.

Gallery Settings

  1. Touch the Menu button.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch to enable or disable synchronizing photos over Wi-Fi only. If you uncheck this box, photo synchronization occurs even when you are using a cellular data network.
  4. Touch a Google account to edit or remove it. After you touch an account, you see the next screen automatically.
  5. Touch to enable or disable synchronization for all Google accounts.
  6. Touch a Google account to edit or remove it.
  7. Touch to enable or disable synchronizing Google Photos for this Google account.
  8. Touch the Menu button to reveal account actions.
  9. Touch to remove the Google account.
  10. Touch to manually synchronize the account.
  11. Touch to save your changes and return to the previous screen.
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