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10 Great Accessories For Your Galaxy Tab

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Whether you have a seven or ten inch Galaxy Tab, there are plenty of accessories available to you to help customize you Tab to your busy lifestyle. See how you can get the most from your Galaxy Tab by exploring hardware accessories such as the optional USB & SD Connection Kit, keyboard dock, vehicle mount, and more.
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Like this article? We recommend

There are many accessories available for both the 7” and 10” Galaxy Tabs, ranging from those that increase the Tab’s usability, to those that protect it or enhance its style. You can start on the Samsung website to explore which accessories are right for you, but don’t stop there. There are many other companies that create high quality accessories for the Galaxy Tab. Amazon.com is a great place for you to browse the many offerings for the Galaxy Tab, as well as read product reviews from other buyers. Here’s a list of ten accessories from Samsung that can help you get the most from your Tab.

1. Galaxy Tab 7.0 Carrying/Charging Bundle

Samsung has bundled together their three most popular Galaxy Tab 7.0 accessories as a package deal. The bundle includes a leather notebook case to help keep your Tab scratch free, the HDMI Multi-Media Dock (HDMI cable not included), and an extra Travel Adapter with Detachable USB Data Cable.

2. Car Mount

Take advantage of your 7” Galaxy Tab’s GPS capabilities and check out the Galaxy Tab Vehicle mount from Samsung. This mount makes it possible for you to use your tab as a navigation device, by enabling you to mount your Tab to the windshield or dashboard. Passengers can also use this mount to watch videos and movies, hands free. You may have guessed it, but there is no vehicle mount made for the 10” Galaxy Tab. It would be too big on your dashboard. If you’re planning on using your Tab as a navigation device within your car, you’ll need a car adapter for extended use.

3. Galaxy Tab 30-pin Vehicle Power Adapter with Detachable Cable

The Samsung Car Adapter, with Data Cable, enables you to charge your Galaxy Tab while in your car while on the way to the meeting. You can plug it into your car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. If you have to transfer data from your Galaxy Tab to your laptop, or vice-versa, this car charger provides a detachable USB cable that enables you to connect to your laptop and make the transfer. You can also simultaneously charge your Galaxy Tab through the same connection to your laptop.

4. Galaxy Tab USB & SD Connection Kit

The Galaxy Tab USB & SD Connection Kit helps gives you more options for connecting to other hardware devices and getting content onto your Galaxy Tab. The USB adapter makes it possible for your Tab to connect to USB-compatible devices such as mice, keyboards, and thumb drives. The SD adapter enables you to transfer multimedia files from an SD or micro SD card directly to your Tab. This kit is not compatible with the Galaxy Tab 7.0.

5. Protective Cases & Screen Protectors

Perhaps the most fundamental duty you have as a Galaxy Tab owner is to protect your Tab from becoming damaged. There are many cases on the market to choose from that provide a varying range of protection for your Tab.

Skins are stylish and provide a thin layer of protection around your Galaxy Tab, which can be effective for protecting your Tab against dust, nicks, and scratches. A skin by itself is less effective for absorbing shock, such as from a drop, than a padded case that remains on your tab at all times.

Some cases, skins, and pouches do not include a protective screen cover to keep your high-resolution screen from getting scratched, so you may have to purchase one separately. There are a variety of protective screens for you to choose from, the most popular being privacy, mirrored, and anti-glare screens.

A privacy screen prevents your Galaxy Tab screen from being viewed by others nearby. A privacy screen uses a polarized filter that only allows light to pass in certain directions. When someone looks at your screen from an angle, other than straight into the display, the screen appears blurred.

A mirrored screen does exactly what it says. When your Galaxy Tab screen is off, the screen reflects as a mirror. When the Galaxy Tab screen is on, the mirror goes away. This option not only protects your screen but also adds a stylish aesthetic to your tab. One thing to keep in mind when choosing this option is the glare factor when using your Tab in the sun. A substantial glare can impede screen visibility.

Anti-Glare screen protectors make it easier for you to view your Galaxy Tab display indoors or outdoors in direct sunlight. They also help to reduce annoying surface glare caused by bright indoor lighting, while protecting your screen.

6. Galaxy Tab Multi-Media Dock

There are three types of multi-media docks made specifically for the 10.1, 8.9, and 7.0 (including 7.0 Plus) Galaxy Tabs. The dock for the 7.0 Plus and 10.1 models require an optional HDTV adapter and HDMI cable, whereas the 7.0 Tab only requires an HDMI cable. You can use the dock to charge your Galaxy Tab while you check mail, listen to music, and browse photos. You can also put your Tab into digital frame mode to showcase your favorite photographs as the Tab charges on your desk. The Multi-Media Dock can be connected to your computer enabling you to sync music, video, contacts, calendar, and photographs between your PC or Mac and your Tab. You can also conveniently use your HDTV as a giant Galaxy Tab display screen to accommodate a large viewing audience. An important thing to keep in mind is that as of this writing, HDMI on the Multi-Media Dock is not compatible with the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab. Additionally, if you normally keep your Tab in a case, you will have to remove it from the case in order to mount it on the dock. Make sure you do your research on these products to see if they are right for you.

7. HDTV Adapter

This HDTV Adapter supports 1080p HD signals and connects directly to a standard HDMI cable from your Tab to your home theater or monitor. This adapter is not compatible with the Galaxy Tab 7.0 and you will also need to purchase an HDMI cable.

8. Samsung Keyboard Dock

Your Galaxy Tab comes with Bluetooth 3.1 technology, allowing you to use devices such as wireless headphones and wireless keyboards. The Samsung Keyboard Dock gives you the added convenience of actually typing with a physical keyboard while charging the Galaxy Tab. The keyboard dock provides a typing experience similar to using a computer keyboard making the input of information easier. Users who perform extensive writing tasks may find the more ergonomically-pleasing Samsung Keyboard Dock a better alternative to the on-screen keyboard. You can also use the keyboard dock to sync content between your PC and Mac to your Tab. This dock offers an audio jack so you can connect the Galaxy Tab to a stereo for higher quality sound for media playback. Be sure to purchase the correct keyboard dock for your Galaxy Tab model.

9. Bluetooth Headphones

Along with the many other comfort features and conveniences found with the Galaxy Tab, your Tab also gives you the ability to connect some external hardware devices wirelessly. The Galaxy Tab is equipped with Bluetooth 3.1 technology enabling you to connect cable-free with Bluetooth-capable keyboards and headphones. By default, Bluetooth is disabled on your Tab. If you have already played with this setting, you can tell if Bluetooth is turned on by verifying that the Bluetooth symbol can be seen in the status bar at the top of the screen.

10. Galaxy Tab Conductive Stylus

The Galaxy Tab Conductive Stylus can prove essential for more precise touch commands than you could achieve with your finger. The tip of the stylus acts as a touch of your finger, enabling you to tap and swipe while leaving you a finger print free Tab display. If you have been disabled or have limited use in your hands, a stylus may prove to be a real treasure in allowing you to tap small links or simply navigate your tab with greater ease.

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