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Your personal blog is your own soapbox on the Internet, and building it is a rewarding experience. After deciding what you want to write about, even if it’s just your day-to-day life and experiences, figure out whether you’d like to use a hosted blog service like WordPress.com or do it all yourself. After you have your blog set up, pick a theme that pleases you and get going!

Don’t forget about your own levels of personal privacy and the privacy of those around you. It’s a good idea to know how much you want to share online and where you’re going to draw the line.

After you get going, you might like to start adding video and start podcasting. Remember it’s fun and easy, and you might have everything you need to get going already! Most of all, have fun. Never lose sight of the fact that this is your space online and you are doing this to share your passions with the world, whatever they might be. That’s how almost all bloggers started: They just wanted to tell their story.

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