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Pinning to Pinterest

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In this chapter, you learn how to pin items to your boards on the Pinterest site.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

  • Understanding how pins work
  • Pinning an item from the Pinterest website
  • Pinning an item using the Pin It button
  • Pinning an item you upload from your computer

Pinterest is all about pinning items of interest—hence the name, a combination of “pin” and “interest.” Pinterest’s social sharing is based on the concept of pinning images and videos to your pinboards and then letting your friends visually browse the items you’ve pinned.

To fully participate in the Pinterest community, then, you have to learn how to pin items to your pinboards. There are a number of ways to do this.

Understanding Pins

What is a pin? In the world of Pinterest, a pin is an item that you’ve added to one of your personal pinboards. A pin can be an image or video you’ve found on another website or one that you’ve uploaded from your own computer.

Pins that you add from other websites become live links back to the image’s original web page. Any user clicking this type of pin is taken to the web page where you found that particular item.

Each pin is accompanied by a short text description that you add. The text description can be up to 500 characters in length and is mandatory; you can’t pin an image without a little text describing it.

You pin your content (image, video, and so on) to a specific pinboard you’ve created. Although a pin can only be added to a single pinboard, you can move pins from one board to another, if you initially pinned them to the wrong board, or just decide it belongs on another board.

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