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In this hour, you learned to create a one-page website from scratch and discovered how to edit an HTML file to make your first web page. You saw that editing simple text content in Design view is no different from editing text in a word processor. You also learned how to test your page in multiple browsers and why, in this case, quantity improves quality. Finally, you got a sneak preview of the new and revolutionary browser-testing application SuperPreview, which is discussed at length in Hour 22. I urge you to use SuperPreview to test your pages throughout this book to get used to the interface and make browser testing a part of your general routine.

From here until the end of this book, you work with this project to make the final site you saw in Hour 2. Starting from scratch is a great way to learn how to do things properly the first time around. In Hour 4, “Building a Home Page: A Look Behind the Curtain,” you expand on the first page by introducing more text content and standard style elements. You see what goes on in the code and learn a bit about the HTML code language.

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