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Customizing Your Profile

There’s something else new about Twitter these days. Unlike the boring old Twitter we’ve all grown to know and love, the new Twitter can be customized – to some degree.

For example, you can change the background pattern to something other than sky blue clouds. You can also specify a profile picture (nothing new there) and choose to share your tweets on Facebook.

Let’s start with the page personalization. Click the Me icon on the navigation bar, then click Settings. When the main Settings page appears, click the Design tab on the left. You can now choose from one of several premade visual themes, or scroll down the page to select custom colors for your page.

Figure 6 Customizing the theme of your Twitter page.

To edit your other profile information, including your profile picture, click the Profile tab. Here you can edit your name, location, bio, and such. You can also change your profile picture, by clicking the Choose File button near the top of the page.

Finally, you can choose to send every tweet you make to your Facebook news feed, as a new status update. Just go to the bottom of the Profile tab and click the Post Your Tweets to Facebook button. This makes cross-posting a breeze; all you have to do is Tweet and you’re also sharing with your Facebook friends.

Figure 7 Personalizing your Twitter profile – and enabling cross-posting to Facebook.

Viewing Twitter’s New Profile Pages

By the way, Twitter’s profile pages also look a bit different with this redesign. They’re a lot cleaner and more informative than the old profiles.

We start with a concise information panel at the top of the page, with the user’s name, handle, bio, and picture displayed. Also displayed here is a list of how many tweets, followings, and followers this person has.

To send a direct tweet to this person, use the Tweet To box underneath the top panel. Then use the panel under that to select what’s displayed in the main content column – Tweets, Following, Followers, Favorites, Lists, or Recent Images. Scroll down even more to see a list of users similar to this person that you might want to follow.

Figure 8 A new Twitter profile page.

And if you follow any companies or brands on Twitter, you’ll likely see even more customization. Twitter is now letting businesses create their own brand pages, complete with custom background images, ad banners and the like. These brand pages look more like normal company web pages than standard Twitter profiles – which is the intent, of course.

Figure 9 Coca-Cola’s Twitter brand page – very Coke-like.

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