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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

2.4 Input and Output

To print a value, use the print or println function. The latter adds a newline character after the printout. For example,

print("Answer: ")

yields the same output as

println("Answer: " + 42)

There is also a printf function with a C-style format string:

printf("Hello, %s! You are %d years old.\n", "Fred", 42)

You can read a line of input from the console with the readLine function. To read a numeric, Boolean, or character value, use readInt, readDouble, readByte, readShort, readLong, readFloat, readBoolean, or readChar. The readLine method, but not the other ones, takes a prompt string:

val name = readLine("Your name: ")
print("Your age: ")
val age = readInt()
printf("Hello, %s! Next year, you will be %d.\n", name, age + 1)
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