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Macworld/iWorld Expo: No Longer a Mac-Focused Trade Show

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Jason R. Rich, author of iPad and iPhone Tips & Tricks, offers an overview of his experience attending the 2012 Macworld/iWorld Expo in San Francisco. Instead of being buried in exciting new Mac-related products and software, he had to dig to get to the good stuff.
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In the not-so-distant past, Macworld was an exciting, industry-oriented trade show where Apple and its third-party developers made major news and new project announcements. At the January 2012 Macworld/iWorld Expo held in San Francisco, things were drastically different.

Major Changes at Macworld

For starters, Apple is no longer affiliated with Macworld in any way. Plus, the expo has gone from being industry-oriented to more of a show targeted to serious Apple users. The former "Macworld Expo" now goes by a new name, Macworld/iWorld, and has gone from being a trade show dedicated exclusively to Mac-related products, to one that's much more centered around the iPhone and iPad.

Walking around this year's Macworld/iWorld Expo, I noticed that not only was this show much smaller than in past years, but attendees were hard-pressed to find anything that was actually Mac-specific without also focusing on the iPhone and/or iPad somehow. For example, several Mac-related software packages being demonstrated at the show were designed to make it easier for people to develop content for the iPhone or iPad.

However, a handful of third-party companies showcased impressive Mac-related products and software. Let's take a quick look.

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