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From the author of Using Spotify Mobile for the iPhone

Viewing and Playing Playlists

While you can play individual tracks on Spotify Mobile, the app is really focused on playlists. Playlists are groupings of tracks that you create in the desktop version of Spotify; you can't create playlists with the mobile app, just play them.

To work with Spotify playlists in the mobile app, select the Playlists tab. This tab displays all the playlists you've created previously in Spotify. It also includes your Starred list (your most favorite tracks), your Inbox (music sent to you from your friends), and any Local files imported from your computer.

Figure 1 Viewing all your Spotify playlists

To view the contents of any given playlist, simply tap the playlist's name. To start playback of a playlist in Shuffle mode, tap the Shuffle Play icon. Otherwise, tap the first track in the playlist to play the tracks in their assigned order.

Figure 2 Viewing and playing a playlist

You can edit playlists within the mobile app, to a degree:

  • To change the order of the tracks in a playlist, tap the Edit (pencil) icon. You can then drag and drop any track to a new position within the playlist.
  • To delete a track from the playlist, tap the Edit icon; then tap the red button next to the track you want to delete.
  • To share a playlist with others, tap the top left (three dots) icon and then tap Share Playlist. The following screen lets you share this playlist via email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • To make a playlist collaborative (so that both you and selected friends can edit its contents), tap the top left (three dots) icon; then tap Make Collaborative.

By the way, we should talk for a moment what Spotify calls "local" files. These are tracks you've ripped or downloaded to your computer that are not found in the Spotify 15–million track database. You can listen to these local files on your computer, of course, but if you're a Premium subscriber you can also listen to them on your portable device. To do this, you have to sync your iPhone with your computer. Make sure both your computer and iPhone are connected to the same wireless network; then go to the Playlists tab in Spotify Mobile, tap Local, and then tap "on" the Available Offline switch for this folder. This will download your local music from your computer to your iPhone.

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