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Using Spotify Mobile

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If you subscribe to the Spotify Premium service, you can listen to streaming music anywhere, anytime on your iPhone or Android phone. In this article, Sams Teach Yourself Spotify in 10 Minutes author Michael Miller shows you how to use The Spotify Mobile app to listen to playlists and individual tracks, and share your music with online friends.
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Spotify is the latest and greatest streaming music service. All the Spotify subscription plans let you stream music to your personal computer, but if you subscribe to the Spotify Premium plan ($9.99/month), you can stream music from Spotify on your iPhone or other mobile device. This lets you listen to the 15–million Spotify tracks on the go, wherever you may be.

Can You Use Spotify Mobile?

As noted, Spotify Mobile is available for Spotify Premium subscribers. If you use the Spotify free service or Unlimited ($4.99/month) plan, you don't get the mobile service. So if you want to listen to music on the go, choose the Premium plan.

Once you sign up for Spotify Premium, you have to download the Spotify Mobile app for your particular brand of smartphone. Spotify has apps for the following smartphones and devices:

  • iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Palm OS
  • Symbian

You can find the Spotify Mobile app in your phone's app store or learn more online at http://www.spotify.com/mobile/.

Using Spotify Mobile for the iPhone

We'll focus our attention on the Spotify Mobile app for the Apple iPhone, although Spotify Mobile works pretty much the same on all platforms. You can download Spotify Mobile for free from the Apple iPhone App Store.

Once you install the Spotify Mobile app on your iPhone, you need to launch and log in to the app. Make sure you have a solid Internet connection to your iPhone; then tap the Spotify icon and, when prompted, log in to your existing Spotify account with your ID and password.

The Spotify Mobile app has five tabs, accessible from the bottom of any screen:

  • Playlists, which you use to access and play the playlists you created previously on Spotify
  • Search, where you can search for and play music by song name, album name, or artist
  • What's New, the place where Spotify lets you know what's hot and new
  • Friends, where you can view your Facebook friends on Spotify and view and listen to their playlists
  • Settings, the place where you configure various program settings
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