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Further Study

You did download the VirtualBox user’s guide, right? What does that Live CD checkbox in the storage panel do, I wonder? Can you adjust RAM while the computer is running? If not, what can you configure while the computer runs? Will networking work?

Installing an operating system on a v-computer is just the beginning of your journey. You'll find that some OS versions detect the virtual hardware quite well. Others? Not so much.

There are other problems. If you hear the cooling fans roaring, the install performance is poor, or the process abends, etc., these can be signs of RAM starvation or too many computer processes running at once. Shutdown iTunes. Power off the v-computer by clicking the close icon in the window's corner, give the v-computer more RAM or a fixed virtual disk, and retry. VirtualBox encourages creativity and exploration, all the while providing a fairly genericized Personal Computer hardware platform.

Enjoy. Post a reply or comment below if you need questions answered or have a good story to share.

More Resources

I'm a longtime Safari Online Books user. I find these books are excellent guides for installing openSUSE and tuning its performance:

I could list many more resources, but that would remove the fun from your virtual journey. Check out the Safari trial experience and determine how it helps you.

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