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How to Save Money Shopping for Just About Anything Using Your iPhone or iPad

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Do you love to shop? In this article, avid iPhone and iPad user Jason R. Rich explains how you can shop for virtually anything from your Apple iPhone or iPad, and save a fortune in the process. You’ll learn about a wide range of specialized apps designed to make online shopping fun and easy.
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You probably know your Apple iPhone or iPad can be used as a mobile entertainment system, capable of playing music as well as TV show episodes and movies. It can also be used to play games, run apps, read eBooks, as well as display the digital editions of newspapers and magazines. All of this content can be purchased directly from your iOS device using the iTunes, App Store, iBooks, or Newsstand app.

However, as long as your iPhone or iPad is connected to the web, it can also serve as a gateway to any online store, giving you the opportunity to purchase almost anything, often at a significant discount compared to your local retail stores.

You can visit almost any non-Flash-based online retailer’s website using the Safari web browser that comes preinstalled on your iOS device. However, some of the best shopping experiences via your iPhone or iPad can be had using specialized apps that are available for free from the App Store.

By using any of these apps, giving you a dose of retail therapy from anywhere is not only possible, it’s also fun, easy, and affordable.

Shop from Your Favorite Catalogs on Your iPad

If you’re someone who enjoys spending time perusing through mail order catalogs, you can now read and shop from hundreds of your favorite catalogs directly from your iPad, and share your shopping experiences with friends via Facebook or email.

The new Catalog Spree (version 3.0) app offers full access to more than 300 popular mail order catalogs, divided up into 15 categories. Once you choose a catalog from the app’s menu, an eBook reader-like interface, in conjunction with a variety of on-screen finger gestures, is used to browse through each page of a company’s current catalog.

When you see something you want to purchase, simply tap on the See More icon that’s superimposed on the page in order to gain access to the online merchant’s website and online shopping cart. Thus, you can place an order directly with the merchant easily.

The Catalog Spree app automatically formats your favorite catalogs and merchant websites so they’re easily readable on the iPad’s screen, and you can instantly share your finds and purchases with friends via Facebook or email.

No matter what you’re shopping for, the Catalog Spree app gives you immediate access to full-color mail order catalogs from well-known merchants in an environmentally friendly way. After all, no paper-based printed catalogs are needed.

With this app, printed catalogs are a thing of the past, yet you still get the experience of turning the virtual pages, easily comparing prices between merchants, and discovering new products.

The Catalog Spree app adds new catalogs weekly, so the shopping experience is always unique, and by connecting with friends in real-time via Facebook or email, you can have a group shopping experience with others, even if you’re not geographically in the same place.

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