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Using Facebook and Spotify Together

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Spotify is the hot new streaming music service with lots of social sharing options, especially for subscribers who are also Facebook members. In this article, Michael Miller (author of Sams Teach Yourself Spotify in 10 Minutes and Facebook for Grown-Ups) shows you how Facebook and Spotify can work together, including how to import your Facebook friends into Spotify and how to share Spotify tracks and playlists with your Facebook friends.
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Spotify is a streaming music service that claims to be much more social than other similar services. Not surprisingly, Spotify integrates tightly with Facebook, the Internet’s largest social network. The integration is so tight that you sign in to Spotify with your Facebook ID and password, and can then share the songs and playlists you listen to with your Facebook friends. Once you link your Spotify and Facebook accounts, you can take advantage of both automatic and manual sharing of your favorite music.

Signing Up for Spotify—With Your Facebook Account

Here’s what makes the integration between Spotify and Facebook so tight: You log in to Spotify with your Facebook account. If you do not yet use Facebook, you’ll need to become a Facebook member before you can join Spotify.

You use your Facebook ID and password to sign up for a Spotify account. (The basic account is free.) Just go to http://www.spotify.com and click the Log In button at the top of the screen, then click the Log In with Facebook button. When the Facebook Log In dialog box appears, enter your email address and Facebook password into the appropriate boxes, then click the Log In button (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Creating a new Spotify account linked to your Facebook account.

You are now registered as a Spotify user with a free account. This also means that when you want to listen to music on Spotify, you log in to Spotify using your Facebook ID and password. When you launch the Spotify software, you see the Spotify login screen appears; enter your Facebook email and password, then click the blue Log In button. You’re now logged into Spotify, with your Spotify and Facebook accounts dutifully linked.

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