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How Important Is ROI?

In the comparison table shown earlier in Figure 1, the last three rows deal with revenue and lead conversion rates. The Follow/Like and Share/Tweet values come from ChompOn, a platform that enables "daily deals" programs. ChompOn was the first company to release findings that tie these social metrics to revenue across many businesses. As the statistics show, on a per-user or per-message basis, Facebook produces more revenue than Twitter.

The average conversion rates quoted at the bottom of the table come from the social media boutique agency JB Chicago's findings across seven client case studies over the last two years. Generally speaking, people from Facebook are more likely than people from Twitter to take an action or become a business lead. JB Chicago CEO Steve Gaither summarizes the data they've seen: "Twitter CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is $0.10 vs. $0.20 for Facebook. The Cost Per Action (usually a lead submission) is $1.00 in Twitter and $0.50 on Facebook."

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