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Reading Magazines and Comics on Your NOOK Tablet

In addition to books, B&N provides magazine subscriptions and comics for your NOOK Tablet. B&N automatically delivers subscription content to your NOOK Tablet if a Wi-Fi connection is available. (For now, you purchase comics individually.) For more information on subscribing to content on your NOOK Tablet, see Chapter 11.

B&N recognizes that many magazines and comics are more image-intensive than ebooks, and the NOOK Tablet takes full advantage of that to display a rich reading environment for magazines. Often, magazines are read in landscape mode, though portrait mode works as well.

Because magazines differ, you might encounter a range of reading interfaces. The “standard” interface described for National Geographic is quite common and standard for comics. However, many magazines feature enhanced content such as videos, interactive graphics, and so on. These activities (see Figure 3.23) use standard gestures to interact with, but the “standard” options may not be available.

Figure 3.23

Figure 3.23 A magazine with enhanced content.

When you open a magazine or comic, you can use pinch and zoom techniques to narrow in on pages. If you tap the page, you see the Thumbnail view at the bottom of the page (see Figure 3.24). This is a thumbnail of each page that you can scroll through. Tap the thumbnail to go to that page.

Figure 3.24

Figure 3.24 Scroll through a magazine’s pages in Thumbnail view.

Pinching and zooming and dragging can be tedious for reading articles, and this is where the Article View comes in handy. When you see that button, tap Article View, and a secondary reading window opens on top of the magazine (see Figure 3.25). This is the text of the article (with an opening image) that you can scroll through to read more easily. Tap the X to close Article View. The good news is that your NOOK Tablet remembers where you were in the article, so if you tap Article View again for that article, it takes you to where you last stopped reading. You can also swipe left and right to navigate from article to article.

Figure 3.25

Figure 3.25 Reading an article.

While in Article View, if you tap the screen in the article, a Reading Tools bar appears (see Figure 3.26). This functions the same.

Figure 3.26

Figure 3.26 The Reading Tools bar in a magazine.

The Content option provides a table of contents for the magazine with brief descriptions of each article (see Figure 3.27). The Text and Brightness options are identical, excepting the Publisher Default option, as the Text and Brightness options for ebooks.

Figure 3.27

Figure 3.27 The contents of a magazine.

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