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This chapter covered a lot of ground. From start to finish, you saw how to create, compile, and debug Xcode projects. You were introduced to most of the major Xcode components you’ll use on a day-to-day basis, and you read about many of the different ways you can produce and run iPhone projects. Here are some thoughts to take away from this chapter:

  • Although Xcode provides easy-to-use templates, think of them as a jumping-off point, not an endpoint. You can customize and edit projects however you want.
  • Interface Builder makes it really easy to lay out views. Although, technically, you’re producing the same method calls and property assignments as if you’d designed by hand, IB’s elegant GUI transforms those design tasks into the visual domain, which is a welcome place for many developers.
  • Learning to navigate through Xcode’s in-program reference documentation is an essential part of becoming an iPhone developer. No one can keep all that information in his or her head. The more you master the documentation interface, the better you’ll be at finding the class, method, or property you need to move forward.
  • Everything changes. Subscribe to iOS documentation in Xcode and ensure that your documentation remains as up to date as possible.
  • Xcode’s built-in debugger and Instruments tools help you fix bugs faster than trying to figure out everything by hand. The tools may seem complex at first but are well worth mastering for day-to-day development.
  • Get to know and love the Organizer pane. It gives you critical feedback for knowing which devices are connected and what state they are in. And the other tools—including project archives with submission to the App Store, the documentation interface, and the screenshot utility—just add to its power.
  • Xcode 4’s massive update has more power and capabilities than this brief introduction can cover. Other features are discussed in Chapter 4, “Designing Interfaces,” which provides a more detailed overview of Interface Builder.
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