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#3. You Can Use A Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Siri

To activate Siri and issue a voice command, you typically need to press and hold down the iPhone's Home button for a second or two, until the Siri prompt is displayed and the activation tone is heard. You can then speak your command, question, or dictation.

If you use a wireless Bluetooth headset with your iPhone 4S, such as the Jawbone Era ($129.99, http://www.jawbone.com), you can bypass the need to touch your phone altogether by pressing and holding down the Call button on your headset for a second or two in order to activate Siri.

This allows for truly hands-free operation of the phone, not just when making or receiving calls with the Phone app, but when using Siri for a wide range of other purposes, which includes using Siri with other compatible apps.

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