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#2. Wait for Siri's Ready Prompt Before Speaking

One common problem people have using Siri is that they press the Home button to activate this feature, but do not wait to hear Siri's activation tone before speaking. If you begin speaking too soon, the beginning of your question or command will be cut off, and Siri will not understand what you're requesting.

Once you hear Siri's ready tone, and the microphone icon turns purple, begin speaking. If you wait too long to begin speaking (more than five seconds or so), the microphone will turn gray. When this happens, tap on the microphone icon again to reactivate it and then begin speaking.

When using dictation mode to enter text into an app, don't forget to tap the Done icon that's displayed at the bottom of the screen when you're done speaking. To access Siri's dictation mode, tap the microphone icon that appears within the virtual keyboard, to the immediate left of the spacebar.

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