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Five Ways to Keep Your App Customers Engaged

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Selling your app on the App Store is only the first step to customer engagement. . Jeffrey Hughes, author of Android Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your Android App, tells you how you need to take other steps to keep your sales moving along and give your customers a reason to keep using and recommend your app to others.
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As you probably know, selling an iPhone or iPad app is serious business and requires constant attention to keep your sales moving along. You’ve got a lot of competition from big and little players on the App Store, and one of the best ways to keep sales humming is to keep your existing customer base engaged. You may wonder why it’s so important to engage your existing customers because they have already purchased your app. How can they provide ongoing help in your quest to achieve higher sales? Without a strong customer base that is engaged and using your app on a daily basis, you won’t see consistent sales last for too long. Your existing customers will recommend your app to others, write reviews, and provide feedback to you.

More customers beget more customers. As long as your app remains legitimate in your customer’s eyes, you will continue to see climbing sales. As new customers purchase your app, some will post reviews and rate your app. People looking to purchase your app will look at recent reviews to see what other people are saying about it. If the reviews are recent, you are more likely to get another sale. If your reviews are old[md]like more than several months[md]then you are less likely to get the sale. People like to buy apps that are new and fresh.

Here are five ways that can help you keep your customers engaged with your app. As you read these ideas, think about how you can influence app usage through the App Store, the app itself, and your own product website. The combination of these three areas will help your app not only achieve sales, but maintain sales as well.

Idea 1: Produce Frequent Updates

Most apps will do well with a frequent product update. I can only think of a few that have done well without frequent updates, and most of them are utility apps where it may be difficult to build or expand on the original app feature set. Flashlight App, which sells for 99 cents, has sold incredibly well without any updates since September 2010. But, they are the exception.

Most apps that see more frequent updates get a shot in the arm each time a new version is released. People look at the release dates of apps. If they see that the app has not been updated in a long time with few timely reviews, they are likely to look at other apps to purchase. New versions of your app will keep your customers engaged and downloading your app. Your goal is to not only get a sale but keep the buyer using your app over and over again.

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