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Voice Control

Voice control has been used sparsely throughout various games and is most practical in its Netflix and Hulu Plus implementations for pausing and starting movies with the tip of the tongue. However, Halo tenth anniversary incorporated voice command functionality to do some interesting things within the game.

  • Netflix and Hulu Plus both implement similar voice control features. More information on these features can be found in my articles, "Kinect, Netflix, and Voice! Oh, My!" and "Voice-Controlled HuluPlus on Xbox." Experience with using this voice control function for both of these apps has revealed how practical it has become in everyday use. In light of that, Microsoft has just made things easier with Bing voice search functionality! Quickly launch movies, games, and music contained within Hulu Plus, Netflix, Zune, and other apps from the Xbox dashboard by simply speaking commands.
  • Halo's implementation of voice control allows you to change the graphics in real time from the newly updated HD graphics to the original Xbox graphics by saying "classic." To revert back, you simply say "re-mastered." Although that is interesting, more useful voice functions include "brighter," "more contrast," "subtitles on," "pause game," "resume game," "grenade," and "reload." Without availability of those voice commands you would need to pause the game, navigate to settings, and adjust the brightness and contrast from the controller. New game play allows you to say "analyze" and then use the controller to point at an object-like weapon or defeated enemy, and then say "scan" to add it to library mentioned earlier.
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