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Kinect's First Birthday and Its New Gifts of Fun Functionality

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It is Kinect's birthday, and over the past year it has been given many new gifts wrapped in intriguing functionality. Bryon Greene will open these gifts up for you to explain how awesome these gifts are and how well they have been implemented across different games.
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The first year of Kinect's life has issued a new frontier of undiscovered user interaction between gamers and Xbox. Software developers have been hard at work exploring this new frontier and discovering these artifacts of fun functionality to bring an experience of interactivity and immersion that has never been seen or done before to the millions of Kinect owners around the world.

Microsoft and many third-party developers have given Kinect a great birthday with many gifts for everyone to share. Let's unwrap these gifts and see how much fun they are to play with.

What Are These Gifts of Fun Functionality?

The gifts of fun functionality being referred to are the different types of motion tracking and actions that have been implemented in exciting ways throughout various Kinect games within the first full year of Kinect's life. While not all games have flawless implementations, many of the games have implemented these functions well.

Without getting into the mechanical makeup of the Kinect sensor components that enable this functionality, think of what Kinect can do in terms of simple categories and the games that have used them.

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