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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Amazon MP3

Your EVO 3D comes with the Amazon MP3 application that enables you to shop, purchase, and download music from Amazon.com. Cloud Player is also a part of Amazon MP3. Within Cloud Player you can access music stored on your Cloud Drive, enabling you to manage, play, or download music using Amazon’s secure online storage space. The Amazon MP3 app icon is located in the Apps menu on the first page. Before you can begin purchasing music, you need to set up an Amazon.com account. If you do not have an Amazon.com account, visit Amazon.com on your computer and create an account.

Setting Up the Amazon MP3 Application

After you have created an Amazon.com account, you are ready to browse, purchase, and download music. Here is how you can set up the Amazon MP3 application with Cloud Player.

  1. Tap the Apps icon.

  2. Tap the Amazon MP3 icon on the first page.

  3. Press the Menu button; tap to return to the Amazon MP3 Home screen, from whichever screen you may be on within the application.

  4. Tap to view all of your Amazon MP3 downloads.
  5. Tap to go to the Now Playing screen, which features the last track you previously played.
  6. Tap to search Amazon MP3 for a track or album.
  7. Tap to be taken to the Amazon MP3 website to receive more information on using Amazon Cloud Player.
  8. Tap Settings for more options.
  9. Tap to sign out and into your Amazon.com account on your device.

  10. Tap to store Amazon gift card and promotional code information.
  11. Tap to instruct Amazon MP3 to download content only when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network to conserve data plan usage.
  12. Tap to clear cached songs, album art, and Now Playing queue.
  13. Tap to enable or disable Amazon MP3 Lock-screen playback controls when your phone is locked.
  14. Tap to choose an equalizer setting such as Classical, Dance, Jazz, Pop, and Rock to enhance the type of music that you are currently listening to.
  15. Tap Delivery Preference to choose whether future downloads are saved to your phone or your Cloud Drive. (You have to sign into your Cloud Drive for the Amazon Cloud Drive Settings to be accessible.)
  16. Tap to automatically download to your phone purchases saved to your Cloud Drive.
  17. Scroll down to view more options.

  18. Tap to designate a particular streaming network preference for playing music files located on your Cloud Drive on your phone.

  19. Your Cloud Drive updates every 10 minutes. Tap to manually update your Cloud Drive.

Finding Music

  1. Tap Store on the Amazon MP3 Home screen.

  2. Touch and enter a search term to search Amazon.com for music.

  3. Tap to see the bestselling albums.
  4. Tap to see new releases.
  5. Tap to browse music by genre.
  6. Tap to access Cloud Drive music as well as on-device music.

Purchasing Music

After you have located a song or album that you would like to purchase, you can preview that music before purchasing it and then proceed to buy the music.

  1. Tap an album or song to listen to a 30 second preview.

  2. Tap the price of the song. The price button turns into a Buy button.
  3. Tap Buy.

  4. If you are not logged into your Amazon account, you are prompted to do so. Enter your Amazon login information.

  5. Tap to agree to the Amazon MP3 Store Terms of Use.
  6. Tap Sign In.
  7. Tap to save your purchase to your Amazon Cloud Drive to begin setting up your Cloud Drive. If you had chosen to Save to this device, the download would take place.

  8. Read the Cloud Player Terms of Use and then tap to accept the terms.

  9. Tap Continue to begin setting up your Amazon Cloud Drive and save your purchase.
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