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The photo feature within Facebook is probably the platform’s most-used feature. More than 1 billion photos are uploaded and shared on Facebook every month. This makes Facebook the top photo-sharing site in the world.

So what is it that makes everyone go so crazy over photos? It is probably the ease with which you can upload them. In a few clicks you can gain access to your entire photo library on your hard drive, and you can begin uploading everything into customized photo albums that you have defined within Facebook. Each photo album can hold only 200 photos, which is far better than the previous limit of approximately 70. But, if you just came back from vacation and have a few hundred pictures that you want to upload, you need to create several albums.

When you upload photos to Facebook, you have the option of publishing a preview of these pictures to your Wall, which will also drop them into the news stream. This is a great way to alert your network that you have uploaded new photos you want them to check out.

In addition to uploading and sharing pictures, you can tag your friends in the pictures that you upload. For the tag feature, they must be Facebook users and friends of yours. When you tag friends, Facebook automatically sends them a notice that they’ve been tagged in a photo and, depending on their privacy settings, it posts that photo onto their Wall and into the Photos area below their main photo, as well in the photos at the top of their profile (see Figure 1.17).

Figure 1.17

Figure 1.17 The Photos option from your Timeline shows albums of photos you’ve uploaded, plus pictures of you uploaded by friends.

However, privacy concerns have been raised over the tagging of photos, which we discuss more in Chapter 2. Suffice it to say though, you shouldn’t be uploading anything to Facebook that you’re nervous about ANYONE else seeing, whether or not they’re your friend on the network. You can remove people’s ability to tag you in photos in your privacy settings, and you can remove tags from photos you don’t want to be tagged in. We’ll also talk about Profile Review in the Chapter 2, which allows you to review all posts you’re tagged in.

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