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This chapter was all about introductions. We covered the basics that we'll need to talk about games and the fundamental concepts that are part of all mobile games:

  • We talked about the various types of games, or genres, and surveyed the types that have been invented so far. Of course, you can invent a new genre of your own, but there are already a lot of options to consider for inspiration.
  • We looked at what makes a mobile game successful (and fun!). Throughout the rest of this book, we'll try to keep in mind that the point is for the player to have fun playing the game, and we'll try to build on the experiences passed on by previous game inventors regarding what works and what doesn't.
  • We started looking at an example tower defense game that we will use to illustrate the tools and techniques discussed in this book. The game concept is quite simple at this point, but it incorporates most of the elements of a typical mobile game.
  • We defined some basic game terminology, so we can talk about the typical components of a game.
  • We laid the groundwork to talk about the development of your own Android mobile game. We have the terminology necessary to discuss the different components of the game, and we can move on to investigate the tools needed to create them and the techniques needed to implement them.
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